Classic 911

What can be said about the vintage 911? its beautiful, from every angle. perfection to the closest detail. to me, it is one of the most beautiful cars ever created. thats why i keep shooting them whenever i get the chance. 


// Leica M9 // Nocti 0.95L1015612


Norton Commando




While its nice riding a vintage bike like that, taking care of her is sometimes not that easy. At the moment she is getting new Valves and Pistons. I miss that Bike 🙂 


M9 // Summilux 35L1014879

older glas vs the modern aspherical



two shots with different glas. One is a modern Leica Aspherical lens, which is clearly super sharp wide open. the other is an old Nikkor from the 80s.  i kind if like the old school softness of older glass on modern sensors, giving it a film like quality.  which you do you prefer ? L9997745 _DSC6380

counting flowers.

its not always Leica. this time i am testing the Nikkor 75-150 AIS lens.   think it renders quite nicely and i really like the bokeh. considering its price of under 100$ its not bad at all 🙂_DSC6196-Bearbeitet

Vespa love

Another Vespa, for the cheap lens (only lenses under 100 Euros) thread in a German forum.  I used a Nikkor AIS 50 E for it which goes for about 50 Euros on Ebay. I got this lens for free, it came with my Nikon F3 :). It is not a Summilux in terms of Sharpness but it does have a pretty decent rendering. 

Sony A7 // Nikkor 50 AIS 1.8