Guarding the Norton



Schlachtwerk custom Yamaha TR-1 and Ducati Scrambler

i just came back from shooting some of the bikes that Tommy built at his custom Workshop, the Schlachtwerk near Frankfurt.

He has a very unique taste in building these bikes, often on the basis of the Japanese or European twin engines.  Featured here is his Green cafe racer, which is based on an old Yamaha TR-1. The Bike looks amazing, and feel super light. it has a very small and narrow silhouette, something you won’t find in stock bikes built nowadays. Not to mention that the sound is amazing.

The white bike is a Ducti Scrambler, based on a Multistrada. It is still work in progress, but it already looks amazing.

_DSC7299L9998902 _DSC7309 _DSC7311  L9998910 L9998919 L9998922 L9998926

Norton girl

i had a fun session shooting Slavi on her Harley Sportster around Frankfurt.  She wanted to try and see if she was able to kickstart my Norton Commando. Unfortunately she could not start it that is easy because it is quite hard at the beginning. I started it for her and she gave it a little spin. i gotta admit that the Commando suits her even better than the Harley.


into the sunset.

Shooting Slavi on her beautiful HD Sportster with the skyline in the back on an sunday afternoon. Girls that ride motorcycles are a true inspiration to me, and there should be many more doing it. I guess i might have mentioned this before on my blog :  the way the Leica handles colors is quite unique. And the glas you are using is also an important factor of course.  Marc


Autumn in Frankfurt

sometime theres theres is a moment when everything seems to be right. the light, the mood and the most important after all….you have your camera ready to shoot. this is downtown Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, you can see that autumn is coming with the leaves falling down and the sunset starting much earlier.  MarcL9998726

A Portrait

I shot a portrait of the beautiful singer Kim Greene this morning.  We had a great time on a freezing autumn morning in Frankfurt. The first  shot is with  the Leica M240 and the Sumilux 75. To this day it still surprises me how sharp this lens is wide open. The second shot is my classic combo, the Leica M9P with Nocti. L1001501 L9998657