1. Wow!
    A very aesthetic and erotic symbiosis! She must be the younger sister of Barbra Streisand! The gas tank surface is awesome and the shining metal lets the engine glow….
    Mark, I hit you over Peter´s blog. Was this the 0.95 Nocti and open aperture? Nice, that you allow magnification!
    Did you had the M9 before?


    • Thank you Andreas :). this shot was done with the Nocti wide open. if you look back most of my pics on this blog were done with the M9. i recently changed to the m240 for the sake of trying something new. I am actually enjoying it very much. my opinion is that you can tweak the m240 files a lot more. both are great cameras though, but with the sensor issue, i am glad i made the switch. Cheers Marc


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