Bio: i was always interested in Art and Photogrpahy but what really sparked my interest was when i got a used Leica M6 in 2012. This was my entry drug in Rangefinder photography and i have been on this road ever since. trying to improve my own photography, learning, looking at the beautiful work of thers, checking out new technology. My favorite piece of gear is still my Leica M9, there is just that connection between me and the camera. I love the colors and rendering of its CCD chip. But i also added something new to my gear list, a Sony A7. Its works very well with Leica and other vintage glas. I am always happy about feedback. Mahalo Marc

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  1. Hey Marc, greetings from a fellow M9 user. I stumbled upon your blog and saw your works with the 35mm Lux asp and 75mm Lux, which I also own. Just wanted to tell you I love your works, so keep shooting!

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    • Hi Luckygirl,
      thanks a lot for the nomination, i did not even know such an award existed :). i can definitely recommend you trying out a Leica once, film or digital, it will open up a whole new world of shooting. Best Regards Marc


      • Wondering if you’ve tried the Leica point and shoots and if so, what you think. I’m a little hard on my equipment and would hate to damage such a big investment! Thanks!


      • i think the Leica Point and shoots are a little over prized and most are built by panasonic. my entry drug to the Leica world was an M6 film body 2 years ago. the M6 is super robust and built like a tank. if you prefer digital you could use a Sony A7 (my backup body) with some Leica glas. Marc


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