what happened last month

Sorry for the lack of posts but i have been kind of busy with work and other things. I did not stop taking photos though and here is a small selection from my shots of last month. All M240. The Skyline Shots were done with the Elmar 24, the bikes a mix of 50 Lux and Nocti, but the Noctilux will be going soon. L1008099 L1008101-4L1008112L1008170L1008171


stay focused.

this film was almost killed by that machine in the lab. it got stuck but they managed to recover some frames. here is one of them. Shot with the Leica M6 and Noctilux.


any day on a Norton is a good day.

We had some decent weather today and i took a ride on my favorite bike, the Commando. It took me about 20 kicks to get it started after the cold winter break, but it was definitely worth it. Needless to say, i had to shoot the bike in this beautiful light.

Sony A7 // Zeiss FE 55 1.8 _DSC0190-4

a visit to HollandNortonworks.

i took a trip to visit Constant @Hollandnortonworks to pick up my Norton Commando from an overhaul. needless to say that there were some beautiful bikes to at his shop waiting for service. i can really recommend his services to any Norton owner on the European mainland. His quality of work is truly exceptional.

L1006408 L1006406 L1006405.


Autumn is here

i have been shooting a lot of bikes lately, autumn is here and the bike pics are probably getting much rarer now. We had a nice day in Frankfurt with a foggy morning,  when the sun came out i decided to shoot my favorite model :  the Commando :). _DSC7466

Schlachtwerk custom Yamaha TR-1 and Ducati Scrambler

i just came back from shooting some of the bikes that Tommy built at his custom Workshop, the Schlachtwerk near Frankfurt.

He has a very unique taste in building these bikes, often on the basis of the Japanese or European twin engines.  Featured here is his Green cafe racer, which is based on an old Yamaha TR-1. The Bike looks amazing, and feel super light. it has a very small and narrow silhouette, something you won’t find in stock bikes built nowadays. Not to mention that the sound is amazing.

The white bike is a Ducti Scrambler, based on a Multistrada. It is still work in progress, but it already looks amazing.

_DSC7299L9998902 _DSC7309 _DSC7311  L9998910 L9998919 L9998922 L9998926