15 of my favourites from 2014

i got inspired to do this by Peter Prosophos. and there were a lot of images to choose from but i decided to limit myself to 15 images. almost all were shot using the Leica M9, some few ones with the A7. It does not really matter in the end as i see them as tools. the focal length range is from 15mm to 75mm, with 35-75 probably being my most used lenses.



L1006521-314456781115_9c58c3bb84_o L1026203-2 _DSC7466-2 L9998657 _DSC6921-8 L9998150 L9997502 L9997154 L9997926 _DSC6269 L1012675-2 _DSC6211 10150424626_69b373da0e_b L9997361


big waves

from the archives : a massive swell hit La Nord in September of 2011. i was there with my first “real” little camera to capture it, the Canon 550d.  Little did i know, i shot in JPG at the time. now i can do very little post processing to these old images.