a visit to HollandNortonworks.

i took a trip to visit Constant @Hollandnortonworks to pick up my Norton Commando from an overhaul. needless to say that there were some beautiful bikes to at his shop waiting for service. i can really recommend his services to any Norton owner on the European mainland. His quality of work is truly exceptional.

L1006408 L1006406 L1006405.



Leica is not good for sports…

i think its pretty decent for the stuff i do. here is another shot of Oscheat doing and ollie over the hip at Hafenpark on a cold November day. //M240//Voigtlaender Heliar 15mm


Autumn is here

i have been shooting a lot of bikes lately, autumn is here and the bike pics are probably getting much rarer now. We had a nice day in Frankfurt with a foggy morning,  when the sun came out i decided to shoot my favorite model :  the Commando :). _DSC7466