stay focused.

this film was almost killed by that machine in the lab. it got stuck but they managed to recover some frames. here is one of them. Shot with the Leica M6 and Noctilux.



a motorcycle portrait.

Shooting my friend Macaco  on the Schlachtwerk Kawasaki W650 custom bike. .

// M240//Summilux 35 L1006581-2

15 of my favourites from 2014

i got inspired to do this by Peter Prosophos. and there were a lot of images to choose from but i decided to limit myself to 15 images. almost all were shot using the Leica M9, some few ones with the A7. It does not really matter in the end as i see them as tools. the focal length range is from 15mm to 75mm, with 35-75 probably being my most used lenses.



L1006521-314456781115_9c58c3bb84_o L1026203-2 _DSC7466-2 L9998657 _DSC6921-8 L9998150 L9997502 L9997154 L9997926 _DSC6269 L1012675-2 _DSC6211 10150424626_69b373da0e_b L9997361

Norton girl

i had a fun session shooting Slavi on her Harley Sportster around Frankfurt.  She wanted to try and see if she was able to kickstart my Norton Commando. Unfortunately she could not start it that is easy because it is quite hard at the beginning. I started it for her and she gave it a little spin. i gotta admit that the Commando suits her even better than the Harley.


into the sunset.

Shooting Slavi on her beautiful HD Sportster with the skyline in the back on an sunday afternoon. Girls that ride motorcycles are a true inspiration to me, and there should be many more doing it. I guess i might have mentioned this before on my blog :  the way the Leica handles colors is quite unique. And the glas you are using is also an important factor of course.  Marc


A Portrait

I shot a portrait of the beautiful singer Kim Greene this morning.  We had a great time on a freezing autumn morning in Frankfurt. The first  shot is with  the Leica M240 and the Sumilux 75. To this day it still surprises me how sharp this lens is wide open. The second shot is my classic combo, the Leica M9P with Nocti. L1001501 L9998657